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Eye Palettes HaulMay 11, 2011

During my 1 month of studying for exams, I hauled. I needed retail therapy, don't judge! :p I got these 3 palettes for quite a steal, IMO. In total, I spent $45 I think. Just thought I do a haul and a swatch post.

First, I got this NARS Essential Eye palette from Sg_Beauty. It is a limited edition neutral palette. I was so excited for this!

The off white colour in the first picture middle swatch is kind of chalky though, the cream shadow is alright, but I love the second picture above first swatch the most! It's so pretty and swatch very nicely, smooth!

Then, I got the Ben Nye palette for only $5! My heart was thumping so fast when I comment my interest. I was hoping no one was quicker than me! Hahaha. I don't have anything that pigmented and bright! So I was really excited for this! The colours are CRAZILY pigmented! Not an everyday look, but when I need it, I'm sure I would be grateful to have this.

The moment I got it, I played with it immediately! Trying all my current eyeshadow and piling them on Ben Nye to see the colour effects and so on. What a mess!

And I got the Limited Edition MAC's Smoke and Mirrors Palette! My first MAC palette.

Which shadow is chalky which is smooth is rather obvious. My favourite colour would be the first picture middle swatch.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! :D


2 new MAC babies in my lips' stashNov 29, 2010

Linnera had this blog sale where everything in her post is only $5.50 mailed! How could I ever miss this right? So I got 2 MAC lipsticks for only $11! Super good deal. i just wanted to share the swatches so here goes!

I love the packaging for Treasured which is the Baroque Boudoir collection?

Pictures says it all actually. The lip swatches sucks I admit. The colours are a bit weird off, I apologize for that. Hope my hand swatches help! Thanks for reading! :)


My Favourite Lip Combo.Nov 03, 2010

I have been doing the same lip combo ever since I got both of these items. My lips were dry and crackly and just very ugly to begin with so that's why I tend to stay away from lipstick and glosses. But I piled on lip balm and exfoliate my lips whenever I can and now my lips can wear makeup. I'm super excited about that! I own loads of lipsticks and lipglosses and this is my current favourite lip combo.

First is MAC's Angel lipstick! Those who accompanied me during my virgin visit to MAC may know that I have been lemming this lipstick because I have heard so many Youtube Beauty Gurus talk about this. But I just couldn't justify myself to get it due to the price and I didn't know if I would love it. And I managed to find a 2nd hand one! It looks amazing! It's light pink but not too light like Barbie. Just a subtle everyday pink.

Next up is Revlon's Lustrous Lip Gloss in Shine City. This has been raved by so many people and now I know why! I LOVE them! I only got 2 of them though. I should have gotten more during the 20% Drugstore.com sale! Anyways, this lip gloss's texture is lovely. This shade in particular is sheer and clear as can seen from the tube. And I love to pile it over my MAC's Angel lipstick.

I apologize if my pictures are not clear or professionally taken. I used my iPhone to take all these pictures and I tried so many times! It's difficult to take pictures of yourself using a touchscreen device. Anyways, hope you enjoy reading! :)

EDIT: Just thought I would post up a picture of my whole face wearing this lip combo to let you see how it looks with my whole face. :)


Illusions of Makeup?Aug 23, 2010

I'm not feeling that well on a Monday morning. :(

That's a bad start for a blog entry. Haha. Anyways, in this post, I'm gonna show the difference having Stereo Rose on my cheeks and how much I love it. And also, kinda review on The Body Shop sponge that I got the last time, if you remember from reading my The Body Shop blog entry. I pictured this entry the same time as the last entry. So I'm wearing the same clothes. Haha.

There'll be pictures of my face with no/minimal makeup. Just a heads up.

Very obvious which side has Stereo Rose on right? Haha. I feel that I feel much fresher and awake! Haha. But only for half of my face which has Stereo Rose.

Just the cheeks. Sorry about my "constipated" lips. HAHA. That's really LOVE. I used it everyday ever since I got it. Haha. Now, anyone remember that I bought this from The Body Shop?

Picture Source: The Body Shop Website

I use it mainly to remove my makeup. I used Mandom's Cleansing Express Cleansing Gel for my face and for my eyes, I used L'Oreal's Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover fro Waterproof Makeup. I have been using this combination for quite a long time and I love it. I have tried other brands and combinations but I always end up with this. Haha. So I can say that it's my HG makeup removal.

I squeeze some of the Cleansing Express on the sponge and just wipe it all over my face, taking off the makeup. But first, the sponge must be wet. I feel that it's exfoliating my skin at the same time too! Because the sponge is quite harsh, but not as harsh as the other sponge I bought. The other one I bought is super harsh! I stopped using ever since I first use it. Anyways, the picture is the amount of my makeup on half of my face.

My right side has no face makeup and my left side has. See that Stereo Rose? HAHA.

Now I use the other edge for my eyes. See the shape of the sponge? It's perfect! So easy to use. The "sharp" side can be used for area that are harder to reach. One side is enough for half of my face. For the other half of my face, I just flip over the sponge and use the other clean side. Anyways, I just put the eye makeup remover on the sponge and wipe from up to down. So my mascara will come off. Haha. I love this way of cleansing! I don't encounter my eyelashes dropping anymore!

There! Bare face vs made up face.

Hehe, Just for fun la. Haha.

I like to remove half of my face first and compare EVERY time I remove my makeup. HAHA! I know, weird.


Watsons Haul and a look!May 08, 2010

YAY! WATSONS! Went to Airport's Watsons with my mum just the other day. If you girls don't know. Airport has this thing going on where participating shops do not charge you GST. Only shops that participate though and only at T3. And Watsons is one of them! Plus, you get rebates if you got the Watsons card and POSB Everyday card so it's super worth it to go there! My house is near there so ya. Haha. Anyways, I got my staples and 2 eyeliners. Small but necessary. My moisturizer is gone too quickly!!

If you girls don't know, I got my first Silky Girl's Funky Eyelights Pencil in Metallic Bronze, and I LOVE IT! It even made it into my April's favourites! As an eyeshadow or an eye liner, I just love it! I needed to get more!! So I got Frosty Silver and Olive Green because I am into green nowadays. Haha. And they are so pigmented!! LOVE!!

I reswatched Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencil so there is a comparison. Can you see a difference formula wise? NO! HAHA. I only see a difference when I take it off using a makeup remover. Silky girl's remove way easier than Urban Decay's. The colour payoff is amazing! I cannot stress how much I LOVE these!!

And I got a sunscreen! I need to get myself one because it is sooo important! My mum keep stressing me to wear it so she did not hesitate to buy it for me. HAHA. And it is Biore UV. I used it before, not remembering which one because they have a range now. But I used to love this because it's liquid to powder and my skin feels so smooth, unlike other sunscreen. And this is the face and body one. I didn't know what to get, and since it's the same price for 20ml more. I got this. HAHA.

Look how watery it is! I love it!! Below is a picture of it been blended out. You girls should try this if you haven't. Hehe.

And then, I got my HG moisturizer. Okay, I have never gone back to anything else after I use this. Is smells amazing and it works amazing! You know how skin gets sticky and greasy after you put moisturizer on? Well, this doesn't. And whatsmore, it makes your skin feels so smooth and supple! I AM NOT KIDDING! Haha. My sister, who btw do not use any kind of skin care because she is lazy, tried it, and actually changes her mind about it. That's how good this is. And this is my 3rd bottle already. I'm using it so quickly. It's really good. Go try!

It is Neutrogena's new Hydro Boost range and I got the gel. Love it!

And then, you know how excited I get upon receiving the products, so of course I use them! Hehe.

Notice my eyes? HAHAHA. One is brown and the other green. Because one I used L'Oreal's HIP cream eyeshadow and the other Shiseido's green cream eyeshadow. HAHA.

Outer corner used MAC's Thunder Frost, lid is Shiseido's Cream Eyeshadow. Used Silky Girl's Funky Eyelights Pencil in Olive Green as an eyeliner. Lower lash line I used Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Covet. Inner corners I tried SG's FEP in Frosty Silver.

All over lid I used L'Oreal's HIP Cream Eyeshadow in Commanding, eyeliner I used SG's FEP in Metallic Bronze upper and bottom. That's all! Haha.

Lips I used nothing on except EDM's Lip Balm and MAC's Dazzleglass Creme. Just a few more pictures edited because I feel like it. HAHA.

You could see my green eyeshadow. Haha. Anyways girls, I really hope I had kept you entertained with the various posts. Love! :)


Ready!?May 07, 2010

Ready? Haha. The first picture is an overall picture of my huge haul. I got most of my stuff on Sg_Beauty, others from Flower Pod and Cozy Cot. First, just to say, I'm not bragging. I found hauls to be really interesting when I read others' blogs so I am just doing the same, hoping people would enjoy it and not criticize me. And as I have mentioned it before, I haul and I sell, my collection is growing bigger and smaller at the same time. I just like to explore different products without forking out the retail price, therefore purchasing second hand items online. So here goes!

This post is dedicated to MAC. Anyone loves MAC? Or should I say, anyone don't love MAC? Haha. So I think everyone should know by now that I have never bought anything from MAC. All these are bought online. I kinda like it more buying online than stores. Maybe I like the feeling of opening packages, like Christmas! Haha. Sometimes, I forget what I bought and will be surprise and feel even happier when I open them.

On to the MAC products I got over like 1 month? Haha. Firstly, I got Hipness blush from the Fafi collection. It is such a beautiful coral colour! I'm so loving it!

Next I got On A Mission by the Style Warrior collection. It's a plum colour. I'm not too sure if it fits my skin tone actually. I kinda prefer corals and pinks. But it's gorgeous and kinda sheer. Maybe it is because I used a light hand. Anyways, pictures.

I'm not gonna say much about the items. I'm sure there are a lot of reviews and stuff out there and I didn't really play with it. Haha. Next, I got Tahitian Sand Beauty powder from the Hello Kitty Collection. I seriously do not know how to use this. I searched and some used it as a finishing powder. Some used it as a highlighter. I think the powder is so similar to my skin tone I may just use this as a finishing powder. Let's see.

Can you see it? It's like there is a little sheen just beside the blush swatch. Next I got 2 eyeshadows. Frisco which is a matte beige and Thunder Frost which is a shimmery blue. I got both for $10 mailed! Isn't that a bargain!

I also got a Dazzlecreme Glass. I forgot the colour of it. Lazy go check. If you girls are interested. Ask me. And I'll go check. Haha.

It's orange. Haha. But really sheer. Lastly what I got is OMG SO EXCITING FOR ME!! Hahaha. I have been waiting this for the longest time ever!! And it's MAC MINERALIZED SKIN FINISH!! And I found someone who is selling the exact same one as I want!! SOFT AND GENTLE!! I am so excited!!!!

And that's it for MAC items. Hope you girls enjoyed! :D


Tag: What's Your First MAC Purchase?Apr 27, 2010

Firstly, I want to thank Missjology for tagging me. :)

I'm a MAC virgin. It means that I have never bought anything from MAC before. Yes, never! Haha. But I do own MAC products. That's is because I bought them off online, namely Sg_Beauty from various sellers. I kinda forgot what I first bought. But let me just go through a few of the first few MAC items that I got. First I got the Tendertone in Purring.

Picture Source: http://www.allcosmeticswholesale.com/mac-tendertone-lip-balm--purring.html

Picture Source:  http://www.temptalia.com/mac-cosmetics-tendertones-collection-review-and-swatches

This is like a lip balm I think. But it is too drying for my really chapped lips. I didn't really like it, although the smell is amazing. I really do love the smell, and I really wanted to like this product, since it is a my first MAC product, and I have heard so much raves about the brand, so I really have really high expectations. So this product was disappointing, and I sold it off in the end.

Next, I got a mini lustre glass in Ensign.

Picture Source:  http://www.allcosmeticswholesale.com/macluendi.html

Picture Source: http://www.temptalia.com/mac-mischief-makers-lipglasslustreglass-swatches-reviews-photos

Ensign is the third one from the left. I really like this one actually. And it is a mini one so it's tiny. But it is rather sticky, I don't find myself always reaching out for this. But, I don't mind having this in my collection.

That's really all. I will do a post on all my MAC products that I got, so stay tune for that. As for the tagging part, I think almost everyone on Onsugar has already done it. If you haven't and want to do it, please do the tag and let me know by posting the link to your post in the comments section! Thanks so much for reading! :)



Great Way To Start My Day!Apr 26, 2010

What is a better way to start my day by winning a giveaway? NOTHING! Haha. I can't get to sleep yesterday night, I don't know why. So I keep checking my phone and went online. And guess what! I received an email from Kimberly aka Rainyydays, saying that I won the last part of her giveaway! You don't know how excited I was! This is my prize! Woo!!

I have never tried anything from this set of prizes before. Well, except for the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion which I gave it away already. One thing about eye primers, I don't seem to really need them. Maybe it is because I don't wear really bright eye makeup? I always stick to neutrals. Anyways, I'm really excited about the make up remover, the 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil and the rest! I wanted to get the 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Zero at one point of time, but I always held back. It's rather expensive so I am really excited to try this out! As the Daiso lashes goes, this is in number 13, and till date, I only tried out number 2, so that is a first too. I am so excited!!!!

Anyway, since I woke up earlier this morning, I decided to blog about more hauls! Hahaha. Yes, I know, damage to my pocket is pretty big. And I have to earn back money to put the money back into my bank account. Have to maintain $500 at least. In 4 hours' time, I will be sitting for my first paper, Economics! Arg! Actually, I'm more afraid of the other papers. Well anyways, back to the good stuff. My haul! :D

That is the picture of my recent haul. I got an EDM foundation brush which I forgot to picture it. Haha. But it is super soft, even softer than my Essence of Beauty Duo Ended Brushes. I don't really know if it is a good thing or not. Anyways, sellers included samples! I always get excited about freebies. I mean, who doesn't? Haha. Here are the freebies that I got.

I don't know what brand is this. It looks really nice though.

SKIN FOOD! This sample will be my first time trying out Skin Food. I never bought or try anything from there before. So I am pretty excited to try this out.

Is this a sunblock thing that I put under makeup? Haha. I also got Rockstar sample of 20g. I used up one sample before. At first, I didn't like the scent, but I grew to love it so much that I just have to repurchase. I want to get the full size bar! Haha. I've hauled other Lush samples, but I found myself always reaching out for this particular one.

I got 2 foundations. I remember very well that I bought the Laneige Skin Veil but totally forgotten that I bought Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect. I was shocked when I saw the Bourjois one! Haha. Guess which one I love it more?

This foundation works well. I love the effect on my skin. It's not too thick. The texture is quite runny.

Half of my hand is blended out with Bourjois foundation. See that sheen? I like! Haha.

It's matte. Well, I love the Boujois more. It really does make me look like I have slept a full 10 hours when I didn't. basically, I love the finish of my foundation to be dewy and not matte, that is why I love the Bourjois more because it does give a subtle sheen. I have never tried any foundation like that and I really love it! Both foundations have scents, which I love. But I know isn't good as they have fragrance which tends to irritate skin. But it doesn't bother mine, and the smell actually don't put off my bf, so that is a good thing to me. Haha.

My FIRST mineralize eyeshadow from MAC! And I am super excited about this!! It is LOVE CONNECTION. Diana always uses this and I can see how much she loves this. So when I saw it going for $16 at Flowerpod, I just have to get it! Is $16 expensive? Haha. It's second hand but it looks perfect though. I love these colours! I don't have a highlighter and I used it for my face. Weird, but it works!

The colours are so pretty! Yet neutral which suits me. Arg! I love it. Haha. Next, I got 3 LA Colors Eyeshadow palettes. The first I got is Stormy. Okay, the names I do not know. As the seller only label them in her own numbers. Haha. I checked out Cherry Culture and compare the colours to make out the names Haha.

Pinkie Charm has reviewed this palette before, Stormy. And she said that it is the most disappointing one. Because the colour payout is really similar to each other. Can you see from my swatch that the second and third colour from the left are similar and that the last 2 are also similar? The next one I think is Gold Rush.

Next one is Wild Flower.

Some overview pictures of all the swatches:

What's a haul without lippies? Hahaha. I should stop buying lippes. Haha. I can't use them all fast enough! Haha.

SUMMER LOVE! When I first tried this on, it is the perfect nude. Haha. Because it has a pink tint.

I also got Honey. Which is the perfect nude that everyone is raving about. But I think I look dead wearing it.

On the left is Honey, on the right is Summer Love. And all the lippies swatches from the last haul too.

And 1 picture of me! In case, you forgotten how I look like. Haha. I know one eye is weird with the double eye lid. I don't know why that is happening. Haha.


Haul: Watsons, Sg_BeautyApr 05, 2010

Yes! Another haul. Haha. I really need to control huh. But anyways let me just get started here ya? I'm going to go through what I got from Watsons first. You know, everytime I walk into Watsons, I just can't go out of there without getting something. Even if I did walk out of there without buying anything, I would go back and get something! There are just too many temptations! Haha!!

I got a mini make up remover from Bio-Essence. It is retailed at $1.95. I thought it would be great to carry a mini bottle of makeup remover just in case any mishap happen to my make up so that's why I got it.

I took another picture beside a Mac lipstick to compare the size of it.

I haven't use it yet actually. Haha. But the bottle is rather flat, hmm, the idea is almost like a foundation paddle brush. Kinda. Haha.

So next I got lip glosses in tubes. These are sold at $4.90 each. And guess what? I can't resist the colours la! I can't even choose what I like best so I got 4 of them. Too much!! But it's $4.90 each, and I got the Watsons card so I gave in. Sigh! On a side note, I will do a review on these soon!

These colours are all so beautiful in the tubes! I really can't resist not buying them. Haha.

That's all I got from Watsons. Now all the items I got from Sg_Beauty. A community which all make up lovers in Singapore love and I always look forward to the weekends because that's when the sales posts are posted up. Haha. Are you same as me? :)

I got the Majolica Majorca primer! Haha. Oops! And ignore the little hair at the bottom of the picture Hee. Looks disgusting sia. But aiya, cannot crop lehs. Haha. Anyway, I used this and I don't know why the wand becomes black! Maybe it is because I apply my gel liner first, so some liner gets on my lashes. I don't know why! Haha. Anyway, it does work, so that's good.

Then I got a Mac lipstick. My virgin Mac lipstick. Yes, I'm new to Mac. I'm afraid of stepping into Mac. I don't know why. :( I just got phobia lehs. Then the sales assistant look so fierce. I scared. Really. I never bought anything from Mac before. Although I did purchase second hand items that are Mac.

I got a lustre. A Rose Romance. A19. It's a pinkish colour but I feel that it is rather drying on my lips.

Looks a little red here but it's pink.

Just a mini swatch.

And I got 2 Lush samples! The first one I got is The Godmother. I just used it. It smells like berries to me. And a little like Medicine. Don't really like it, I actually like Rockstar better.

And I got The Sultanna of Soap.

That's all for my haul! Just one last picture to show my LOTD today! :) Loves! Next post will be the review of the lip glosses I got! :D


Wish: Mac "Give Me Liberty of London" collection - Peachstock LipstickMar 19, 2010

I never ever wanted something from Mac so much! But it's the Peachstock lipstick! The next few picture below is taken from Temptalia. Love her blog!


Isn't the packaging so cute? I love it!

From L-R: Petals and Peacocks, Ever Hip, Blooming Lovely.


I kinda am liking both Ever Hip and Peachstock. but I liked Peachstock first. I don't know if I should get it! I'm very tight on budget now. :(

From L-R: Blooming Lovely, Ever Hip, Petals and Peacocks.


There are swatches on her lips at the link.

I tried to find dupes and will be checking them out soon. Next few pictures are from Makeupaholic On A Budget.


I feel that it's isn't really similar.

This is Peachstock. Look how gorgeous her lips look with Peachstock on! I WANT IT!! HAHA.

NYX's Circe.

NYX's Honey.

NYX's Orange Soda.

I'm not too sure about them though. I afraid that NYX's nude lipsticks would make me look dead.

I watched a guru in Youtube saying that Rimmel's Nude Delight is like a dupe for Mac's Peachstock. I'm not so sure about it. The next few pictures I took from Kitty Loves Makeup.


I don't really know if Singapore carries this shade, therefore I need to go Watsons to check it out.

She compared Rimmel's Nude Delight, Revlon's Matte Nude Attitude and NYX's Circe.

I would want to pick up both Rimmel and Revlon but I don't think Revlon carries that shade, or do they?

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